Sunday, May 22, 2011

Airlines Prepare To Impose Takeoff and Landing Fees!

Several days ago Delta Airlines offered an upgrade fee of $80-$160 for 4 inches of additional legroom on overseas flights. But in a move that has surprised many airline analysts the major U.S. carriers are instituting two new controversial fees. According to a statement released by the U.S. Air Carriers Alliance the fees will be taking effect June 1, 2011. Excerpts from the official statement:

"USACA Press Release, May 22, 2011. Due to current market conditions we will be offering the following optional upgrades for flights originating within the U.S. beginning June1, 2011:

1. Priority Takeoff Fee ($45) - Flights will be given a "priority number" once they pull away from the gate based on the percentage of passengers who take advantage of the Priority Takeoff Fee (PTR). Air traffic control will be informed of the flight's priority number and will clear flights for takeoff on this basis. Flights with low passenger participation and therefore a low priority number will be held short of the runway as higher priority flights are allowed to takeoff. This may result in significant delays for some flights and this is why we strongly suggest all passengers participate in the new program to insure timely arrivals at their final destinations.

2. Targeted Landing Fee ($60) - Due to changes in passenger load demands we anticipate infrequent instances where it would be in the interest of the carrier to land at an alternate nearby airport rather than than the original ticketed destination. On these flights when the captain is made aware of the situation he will be obligated to land at the alternate airport unless 50% or more of the passengers elect to pay the Targeted Landing Fee (TLF). Flight attendants will make an announcement informing passengers of the new landing location. At that point flight attendants will collect the TLF fee if it appears that a majority of passengers would like to continue on to their original destination. If not, passengers will be responsible for all costs associated with getting to to their original destinations."


  1. This is like charging someone using a public toilet a fee to get out of the stall! Has anybody started a class action suit?

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  3. I'll be damned if this didn't actually happen. Just saw a story on CNN the other day about charging passengers several hundred dollars in mid-flight. I think it was in India or something. Very prophetic!